6 Clever Products That Will Keep Thieves Away From Your Lunch

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Imagine bringing your lunch to work only to find it eaten by another co-worker. Does this sound familiar? Whether you’ve been the victim or culprit, disappearing lunches are very common in the workplace.

When writing “DO NOT TOUCH” no longer works here are clever ways to keep unwanted hands off your lunch.

1. Bug Zipper Bags

Even though most people will know the bug isn’t real, it will likely stop their sticky fingers from picking up your lunch.

Bug Sandwich bags

Amazon, $9.99

2. Mini Fridge

Skip the shared refrigerator altogether and keep your lunch cold right at your desk. If you are regularly the victim of lunch thieves, it’s high time to invest in one. This mini fridge also has a hot switch, so it can warm your lunch as well. No matter what type of lunch you bring, it will be safe right under your desk.

mini fridge

Amazon, $33.99

3. Fridge Locker

The ultimate way to tell coworkers, “Step away from the pasta!” Insert your food in the fridge locker and go on happily with the rest of the day. If someone manages to break into the lock, maybe they deserved that apple.

Fridge Locker
The Container Store

The Container Store, $19.99

4. Moldy Bags

Unlike the bug bag this could do more damage. If someone is cleaning out the fridge and sees a moldy lunch they might trash it. On the other hand, it will certainly churn some stomachs and keep the thieves away.

Mold Bag
Perpetual Child

Perpetual Child, $4.99

5. Locked Bag

This bag communicates loud and clear: “It’s Not Your Lunch.” If that’s not enough, the fact that it’s a locked bag will send a stronger message. Unlock your lunch when you’re ready and enjoy.

Locked Bag
It's Not Your Lunch

It’s Not Your Lunch, $19.95

6. Fake Takeout Bags

Fool everyone in the office with fake takeout bags when you bring the good stuff to work. We’re not sure about you, but we definitely wouldn’t swipe leftover sushi from a place called Budget Sushi.

Fake takeout bags

Amazon, $9.99

[h/t: Mental Floss]