Clever Storage Solutions For Your Kitchen That You Didn’t Know You Needed, Until Now

No matter how organized your kitchen may be, it always seems as though it could be a little more streamlined, doesn’t it? That’s definitely the case for me because let’s just say, keeping your spices next to the oven doesn’t mean your kitchen is as functional as it could be.

Seeing these 14 clever storage solutions made me realize that my dream kitchen contains each and every one of these features because these methods for storing everything from snacks to knives are absolutely genius.

Find out how your cooking area could be more efficient and tidy by checking out these 14 clever kitchen hacks.

1. Hangers In Your Pantry

I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly searching for a clip to close bags of chips, but somehow they disappear in a drawer somewhere. Well, with hangers in your pantry, that problem is solved.

2. A Cutting Board Scrap Station

Having a cutting board with a hole in the center placed above a trash can is the best thing I’ve ever heard of for simply disposing of pits, stems and more.

3. Organized Measuring Cup Cupboard

I thought stacking my measuring cups was as organized as you could get, but apparently not. This method of storing them as simple and organized as it gets. Learn how the blogger behind the Tidbits from the Tremaynes blog did it.

Tidbits from the Tremaynes

4. Built-In Cutting Boards

Placing cutting boards that easily slide in and out makes it easy to cook in any area of your kitchen or set up multiple stations for the meal you’re preparing.


5. Pull-Out Knife Storage

Storing knives on the counter can take up a lot of space, so place that into a drawer to completely eliminate that problem.


6. Easy-To-Use Baking Storage

Having flour, sugar and more this easily accessible is a baker’s dream come true.


7. A Cabinet Just For Coffee

Having an entire coffee station that doesn’t take up counter space makes that morning cup of coffee even better, and I didn’t know that was possible.


8. A Pop-Up Electric Outlet

Having outlets strategically placed all over the kitchen is always best, but if you don’t have enough wall space to have an outlet everywhere you’d like, you can now have them pop up from within the counter top thanks to Mockett.


9. Wooden Pegs For Cabinet Storage

Placing wooden pegs in cabinets help keep things from sliding around so that they’ll always be right where you left them.

10. Built-In Shelving

Built-in shelving in places you’d never expect to see them is a great storage method that is as appeasing to the eye as it is practical.

11. Pull-Out Dog Bowls

Having a station for your pets that can be hidden when it’s not time to eat is a great way to keep the kitchen extra tidy.

12. Sink Storage For Sponges

Leaving sponges and steel wool spread around the kitchen sink isn’t the best method of storing them, but what else are you supposed to do, you know? Well, now you can easily place them under the sink. This means they’re easily accessible, but out of the way at the same time, which is the best of both worlds!

13. Shoe Caddy In The Pantry

Placing a shoe caddy on the inside of the pantry is a smart way to store fruit, snacks and more that take up unnecessary space on the shelves.

14. Dividers For Stacking Pots & Pans

Storing pots and pans in this way will keep the clanging at a minimum every time you need to use a pot or pan.


Start implementing these storage methods in your kitchen as soon as possible for an even better cooking experience. These hacks will make preparing a meal even more enjoyable. I didn’t know that meal prep could be this easy, but now that I do— who’s hungry?