This clever piece of furniture is a dining table, pool table and pingpong table all in one

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Every family needs a good place to eat their meals together, but having a place where everyone can play together is unfortunately seen as more of a luxury. And if you’ve ever considered achieving this goal by adding a pool table or a dedicated area for table tennis, you know that extra space is maybe the most important requirement.

Still, you can have it all with the right piece of furniture. A unique all-in-one centerpiece that’s available on Amazon eliminates the need to have your entire basement or another room taken up by multiple game tables by combining them with a dining table.

Freetime Fun’s Rockford three-in-one table measures 7 feet by 4 feet and includes an attractive dining surface, a pool table and a pingpong table. It also comes with a pair of matching padded benches that double as storage compartments for all the game accessories that also accompany the table. Those include two pool cues, a set of billiard balls, a rack, two brushes, two pieces of chalk, a pingpong net set, two paddles and two table tennis balls.

At $2,995, it’s not exactly cheap, but when you consider that a pool table alone can cost up to $3,500 on average, it sounds like a bargain.


The best part of the whole thing might be the exterior finish, which looks like rustic wood to match the farmhouse-chic craze that’s taken over interior design in recent years. The table also has antique metal accents and rail sites.

One reviewer who gave the table a five-star grade placed it outside under a covered patio, making it a great option for backyard gatherings. The customer also raved about the excellent service from Freetime Fun, whom they said replaced a bench and the tabletop when the items arrived with damage. How often do you get to shoot pool in the open air?

Amazon/Somnath Dasgupta

The table doesn’t have a ton of reviews as of publication time but about half of them are five-star grades, with another 10% being four-star grades. People who’ve been satisfied have remarked on the attractive appearance and description matching exactly what it is.

People who weren’t so satisfied with their purchase complained about what they saw as poor build quality and materials, especially when the price was considered. But most of the people who gave it strong grades felt the opposite was true so impressions appear to be subjective.

Assembly apparently takes at least a couple of hours, based on what reviews have said, but it appears to be a pretty straightforward job. Overall, this versatile table could add some fun to your family gatherings!

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