Clever Ways To Stand Up Your Phone Or Tablet In The Kitchen While You’re Following A Recipe

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Thanks to the internet, we have plenty of recipes to experiment with in the kitchen. Whether you’re a novice cook or an expert-level chef, there’s an endless treasure trove to satisfy any foodie.

And these days, you don’t even need to print the recipe out. All you need to do is bring your phone or tablet into the kitchen with you. The only problem is, it can be difficult to read the instructions while executing the recipe at the same time. Ever try to roll pie dough in one hand and hold your phone in the other? Yeah, it doesn’t work. But here are eight genius gadgets for propping your phone up in the kitchen while you’re following a recipe.

1. Xpack Claw Universal Kitchen iPhone Recipe Holder, Amazon, $29.99

This clever device available on Amazon for $29.99 allows you to easily mount your smartphone in your kitchen. It can grab almost any-shaped surface and attaches with a clamp.


2. Marble Cookbook Stand, West Elm, $23

This chic marble stand from West Elm is the perfect size for your smartphone and is priced at $23. It will seamlessly blend into any kitchen.

West Elm

3. Five Two Double-Sided Cutting Board, Food52, $99

This double-sided wood cutting board includes a slot to hold your phone up and should accommodate all different sizes of phones. Flip the board over if you’re cutting up something juicy, like a melon; the board is designed to pull juices into the groves at the edges.

Food 52

4. DIY Sugru iPad Mount

Using Sugru, a moldable glue, along with a few other simple supplies such as cling film and a pencil, you can make your own iPad Mount for the wall in your kitchen.


5. DIY Smartphone Stand Using a Fork

If you want to get really DYI and not spend a dime, check out this YouTube tutorial for making a phone stand with a fork.

6. DIY Cell Phone Holder Hacks

Want even more DIY holder hacks? Check out this tutorial from, which shows you how to use common items, from a pencil and a rubber band to a wire, to create a phone holder.

7. iKross 2-In-1 Recipe Holder Stand, Amazon, $32.99

You can use this versatile stand on the counter, or you can move it to a wall or cabinet holder that keeps it off the counter. It accommodates the majority of 7- to 13-inch tablets and includes multiple mounting options for different viewing angles.


8. Modern Concrete Smartphone Stand, Etsy, $58.77

This concrete stand has a cool, industrial vibe, and since it’s made to order, it can be customized depending on your individual needs.





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