‘Cloud eggs’ are the beautiful new breakfast trend taking over Instagram

Instagram breakfast trends can be odd, and often unattainable for regular folks. Sure, mermaid toast is pretty to look at, but do you really want to be eating seaweed cream cheese on your slice of 12-grain bread?

The latest trend, however, is “cloud eggs,” and they’re as easy to make as they are beautiful. This is one train you can totally jump on.

To make eggs in clouds, all you have to do is separate the yolk and the white, beat the white until stiff peaks form, and then nestle the yolk in a bed of the beaten egg whites and bake until set.

You can add cheese, bacon, herbs and anything else you’d like into the egg whites (although nothing like tomatoes or spinach which has a high water content and will ruin the fluff).

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This recipe is great for people who don’t want to be laden down by greasy, carb-heavy breakfasts in the morning but still want something that’s visually appealing (and extremely tasty).

You can whip the egg whites by hand or in a stand mixer, and then cook them in a big batch on a baking tray—making this lovely dish an easy option for brunch or entertaining.

Anyone had a #cloudegg yet? What are they like? May make some today 😀 #cloudeggs #newtrend

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All in all, this is an incredibly easy breakfast—about 15 minutes, start to finish—for a supremely gorgeous result. And as a bonus, these are strangely filling. Personally, I can chow down on two sunny-side up eggs no problem, but cloud eggs take me a lot longer to work through.

Maybe it’s because the fluffy egg whites trick my brain into thinking I’m eating a lot more than I actually am? Either way, if you’re trying to eat healthy, these are a great option.

And if you’d really like to torture yourself, I highly recommend scrolling through the “cloud eggs” hashtag on Instagram. Talk about yolk porn.

Will you give this latest trend a try?


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