This Coca-Cola Bottle Packaging Is Holiday Magic

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If you thought there was nothing more festive than drinking from one of Starbucks’ red cups, well, think again. Because Coca-Cola is changing the way you “have a cup of cheer” this season.

Well, at least if you’re in Japan. Apparently, a bottle design they rolled out last year in Western Europe allows you to peel away the Coca-Cola logo, and then pull a strip that’s hidden underneath the wrapper to create a bow on the outside.

It’s a little difficult to explain, so just watch it happen for yourself:

It’s practically holiday magic, am I right? According to Rocket News 24, Japan is the lucky country that’s getting this very special bottle this holiday season, after debuting it in Western Europe last year. Where’s the next stop for the coke sleigh? Please, oh please, say it’s the U-S-of-A!

According to the Daily Mail, these bottles arrive via the Coca-Cola Christmas truck, which has been making its rounds for the past 20 years. The company does this to promote their the “Holidays are coming” ad campaign, and short of Santa and his sleigh, this really seems like the best way to ring in the season, if you ask me.

We may have to wait a bit longer to see this Christmas miracle of a bottle come to the United States, but at least there’s videos of the magic happening online to get us through.

There’s always a reason to look forward to the holiday season, and now, there’s one more reason why next year (fingers crossed!) could be so amazing.

And hey, if you’re planning on traveling to Japan anytime soon, would you mind bringing me back a bottle or two? Consider it my Christmas present, would you?

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