Coconut Custard Pie Is A Classic Family Favorite

There are certain dishes that bring together the best of everything. The flavor is spot-on. The texture feels incredible. When you put them all together, it just blends into food bliss. The classic coconut custard pie is one of these dishes, but finding the right recipe can be a challenge.

Well, we’ve got your coconut cravings covered. We’ve pulled together a few recipes that make the process as easy as possible, but that still bring the taste everyone loves.

Loaves and Dishes’ coconut custard pie, for one, simplifies the pie-making process by recommending a pre-made, refrigerated pie crust, but don’t assume that this shortcut makes this is a skimpy dessert. From freshly ground nutmeg and real butter to the coconut milk and flakes, this pie packs a flavorful punch that everyone will love! The recipe creator stresses the importance of waiting until the pie is perfectly cooked (getting that perfect jiggle) before taking it out of the oven. It’s worth the wait!

Loaves and Dishes

Amanda from Striped Spatula shares a recipe based on a family favorite served at a local restaurant. In her desire to have the pie at home, Amanda played around with the recipe to create someone entirely her own. The key to taking this pie to the next level are the toasted coconut flakes, as well as the crisp, flaky crust. The trick to avoiding the dreaded soggy crust? Amanda recommends partially blind baking the crust to give it a head start.

Blind baking means that you put the crust in the oven without the filling in order to allow it to start cooking before the filling goes in. This firms up the pastry dough and helps avoid sogginess at the end of the baking time.

Striped Spatula

In just about an hour, either of these recipes will turn out a pie that’s creamy, sweet and will keep the family coming back for more.