Coconut Oil Is A New Celebrity Health And Beauty Favorite


If you don’t know that the internet is wholly obsessed with coconut oil, I’m not sure where you’ve been. Staple of vegan cooking? Check. Dry skin remedy? Check. Teeth whitener? Check. The point is, coconut oil is a powerhouse of an ingredient.

It’s multipurpose, moderately priced and everyone is buying it by the barrel. And it’s not just regular people, either. Here are eight celebs who live and die by this unassuming ingredient.

1. Kylie Jenner

Remember how I mentioned that coconut oil might be instrumental in whitening teeth? Well, Kylie is a firm believer in this idea and an outspoken devotee of oil pulling. Oil pulling is the process of swishing about a tablespoon of oil around in your mouth for 30-60 seconds in order to white teeth as well as fight bacteria that can lead to gingivitis and plague build-up.

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2. Mindy Kaling

Our favorite diva says her mother makes her comb warmed coconut oil through her hair and then wrap it up in a towel—an Indian technique for soft and shiny hair. Since Mindy’s hair is always shiny and gorgeous, we’d have to think that this works.

3. Emma Stone

In an interview with Vogue, Emma Stone revealed that she always keeps coconut oil on hand to swipe off makeup. This is a good alternative for people with sensitive skin (like Stone herself), and it only takes a little bit to get a lot of makeup off.

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4. Gwyneth Paltrow

Of course, the Queen of Goop is another avid fan of oil pulling. And honestly, this is one of the more reasonable ideas she advocates on her health and beauty website (jade eggs, I’m looking at you). Aside from keeping Gwynnie’s smile bright and shiny, she often uses it in her recipes as an alternative to olive or canola oil.

5. Mandy Moore

Mandy says her glowing complexion is due largely to the moisturizing powers of coconut oil. Moore uses only organic coconut oil on her skin and says it keeps her hydrated from the outside in. Keeping your skin moisturized is incredibly important when it comes to warding off wrinkles, and it seems Mandy has the right idea.

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6. Jenny Slate

Comedian and actress Jenny Slate is another devotee of coconut oil, which makes us like it even more. Like Stone, Slate uses coconut oil to remove her makeup after a long day on set.

7. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

The Olsen twins are as famous for their flowing locks as they are for their bat-like ensembles. Apparently, the fashion duo live and die by celebrity hair stylist Marc Townsend’s moisturizing potion. Townsend mixes up a combination of coconut oil, vitamin E, jojoba oil and other ingredients for special clients like the Olsen twins.

“If you put it on your hair when you’re at the beach or pool, salt and chlorine can’t penetrate,” Townsend told Harper’s Bazaar.

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8. Miranda Kerr

This famous model is one of the founding members of the unofficial celebrity coconut oil club. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Kerr extolled the virtues of the oil.

“I’ve been including coconut oil in my diet for years because of the health benefits,” she said in the interview. “I add it to salads and smoothies; I cook with it. I smooth it all over as a hydrating treatment.”

Tell us: Are you a coconut oil fan? And if so, how do you use it?


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