Our Editors Put Coconut Oil To The Test, And Here’s What They Had To Say

If you’ve ever searched for natural products before, you’ve likely stumbled upon coconut oil or a coconut oil-based product as a stand-in for everything from moisturizer to eye makeup remover.

Coconut oil is not only great for cooking, but it can help also help soothe your skin, freshen your breath, and even improve your immune system. You may have heard these claims and wondered if they really worked, and that’s why we decided to put them to the test to see what happens when you use coconut oil in your routine every day.

To test the benefits of coconut oil, a few of us on the Simplemost team used a variety of Skinny & Co Coconut oil products, which are all made with cold-pressed extra-virgin coconut oil, without any chemicals, and with five or fewer ingredients. The company uses a patented system to cold-press their coconut oil, which leaves all of the raw nutrients intact and results in oil that allows the body to absorb the oil much easier, enhancing its effectiveness.

Photo by Wendy Altschuler.

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Needless to say, we were intrigued. Here’s what happened when we started using them:

1. The Product: Coconut Oil

Skinny & Co

What We Thought/Our Review:

“This plain coconut oil is perfect for multi-use: I use it to cook eggs, to mix in with coffee, to rub on my hands when they’re feeling dry, and to take off makeup if I run out of makeup remover. It tastes delicious with food, and I like the idea that it helps keep my immune system up.” –Carina Wolff, contributing writer

2. The Product: Sugar Scrub

Skinny & Co

What We Thought/Our Review:

“As a breastfeeding mom with two young children, I’m always in search of great natural skincare products that minimize my exposure (and my children’s first through pregnancy and now breastfeeding) to the harmful chemicals that are in so many beauty products. Skinny & Co. products are safe enough to eat—literally.

The first time I used the scrub in the shower, it smelled so delectable that I might have had just a little taste of it (shh, don’t tell!). After using the scrub, my skin feels soft, supple and supremely moisturized. I love the way the products melt into my skin.” –Brooke McDonald, senior editor

3. The Product: Lip Balm (available in tin or tube)

Skinny & Co

What We Thought/Our Review:

“I live in a dry climate, which means it’s easy for my lips to feel chapped. Just one quick rub of the coconut oil lip balm and my lips already feel moisturized. I love that it only uses coconut oil, beeswax, and vitamin E, so I know that everything is natural and healing. Plus, it smells so tropical!” -Carina

Carina Wolff

4. The Product: Oil Pulling

Skinny & Co


What We Thought/Our Review:

“I was skeptical that my mouth would feel clean, but after swishing for 10 minutes I was pleasantly surprised by how fresh my breath was and how sparkling my teeth looked.”-Wendy Altschuler, contributing writer

Photo by Wendy Altschuler

5. The Product: Facial Oil

Skinny & Co

What We Thought/Our Review:

“I love the facial oil for removing makeup, cleansing and moisturizing before bed (bonus: The calming lavender and chamomile scents promote relaxation and sleep!), and my husband likes to apply it after shaving.” -Brooke

6. The Product: Body Butter

Skinny & Co

What We Thought/Our Review:

“I used the body butter as a lotion for my hands and legs, and to help combat dryness after the shower. Plus, I used it to help heal razor burn and reduce inflammation. It definitely feels soothing on the skin and helped prevent any unwanted bumps. It wasn’t messy at all, which I appreciated.” -Carina

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Skinny & Co. is a cruelty-free, Leaping Bunny-certified company that prides ourselves in our utilization of innovative, wild harvested, single origin coconut oil. Our patented Nutralock System crafts the coconut oil under 97 degrees F, which leaves all of the raw nutrients intact. This process results in coconut oil with higher levels of medium chain fatty acids and allows the body to absorb the oil much easier, enhancing its effectiveness.