Coffee Butter Exists And We Want To Spread It On Everything

Because it wasn’t enough to give us individually packaged chocolate slices, the Japanese food industry has gifted us with an even better edible novelty. Spreadable coffee butter is the latest and greatest invention from one of Japan’s largest dairy brands, and we want to try it. So. Badly.

The product is officially called “Snow Brand Coffee Soft” and was created to celebrate the 55th anniversary of Megmilk Snow Brand Co. Snow Brand sells products including butter, cheese and yogurt, as well as Snow Brand coffee. This pre-packaged coffee drink that comes in a carton is ubiquitous in Japan, and the butter spread was created as an homage to the bottled latte.

According to Japanese news website RocketNews 24, the butter spread will have “all the flavor and fragrance of the original coffee drink, including its sweet and mellow milky undertones.” Snow Brand intends the coffee butter to be eaten with toast, croissants, pancakes and even as an addition to sweets and baked goods. We can imagine the coffee butter would be an excellent counterpart to anything chocolate (aka, the greatest combination in the world!).

The coffee butter is also allegedly caffeinated, but it’s not clear how many milligrams of caffeine are in each serving. A caffeinated spread is just the latest in a line of alternative ways to get your caffeine buzz—chews, goos and other products all offer ways to get a buzz without downing a cup of coffee (although the original cuppa joe will always be my preferred method).

The coffee butter will debut in Japan on March 1 and will sell for about $2 a package, which seems more than a fair price for a combination of two of the greatest foods on earth. Unfortunately, there’s no telling when—or if—it will be available for sale in the United States. Guess I’m booking a plane ticket to Japan and taking a Yeti Cooler with me.

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