How To Make Flowers Out Of Coffee Filters

Arts and crafts don’t have to be expensive, especially when you use items you already have at home. And if you’re a coffee drinker, you can even use coffee filters (if you can stand to spare a few). Whether you’re looking to create some quick home decor or need a fun indoor activity for the kids, coffee filters can be used for a number of crafts, including these Simple Coffee Filter Flowers.

In lieu of fresh flowers, create a unique bouquet with materials you likely already have on hand. All you need are coffee filters, magic markers, liquid starch, a stapler, pipe cleaners and a tin can or vase.

To make the flowers, draw any design you would like onto the coffee filters using your magic marker, leaving a little bit of white space. Spray the filters with liquid starch and let them dry. Then stack the filters and fold them into quarters, finally stapling them onto a pipe cleaner to create a stem. Peel back each layer to create petals, and then add to a vase or decorate using the flowers individually.

This craft is quick, cheap and fun, and when you’re all finished, you’ll have decor for any occasion. For full details on how to make these pretty coffee filter bouquets, watch the video below:

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How have you used coffee filters during craft time?