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This Coffee Maker Grows Mushrooms From Old Grounds

This is so cool.

Making your own pot of coffee at home is great, but most of us end up just tossing those used coffee grounds.

Although they definitely don’t look as appetizing as your cup of joe, coffee grounds can be recycled for use in other things like composting and gardening. While that may sound like a great idea in theory, it could also seem like a lot of work, which is why one company has decided to make a coffee maker that makes all of this much easier.


Yanko Design has created a coffee maker called HIFA that also doubles as a mushroom fertilizer. The top of the coffee machine functions like a normal french press, but when you add the leftover coffee grounds to the bottom compartment of the device, it creates a perfect environment where you can grow your own mushrooms in about 20 days.


The coffee maker, which is the brainchild of designers Adrian Perez and Mauricio Carvajal, is not yet available, but we’ll keep our eyes out for when it’s ready for purchase. Environmentally-friendly coffee and fresh produce? I think yes.

[h/t Mental Floss]