Coffee mate launching a new Eggo waffles-flavored creamer for your coffee

coffee mate eggo creamer, eggs waffles, coffee creamer, coffee
Coffee mate

If your weekdays are simply too hectic for you to sit down to a full breakfast, there’s a new, much quicker way to enjoy a morning favorite: new Eggo Waffles coffee creamer.

Inspired by the sweet goodness of a tasty, tempting plate of waffles, the new Coffee mate Eggo Waffles with Maple Syrup Flavored Creamer features the flavors of waffles, maple syrup and warm butter — all without the work of actually making waffles!

The new creamer will be in stores nationwide this January for around $4.69 per 32-ounce bottle.

coffee mate eggo creamer, eggs waffles, coffee creamer, coffee
Coffee mate

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If Eggo-flavored coffee creamer isn’t enough for you, the brand also has a new adult-only beverage that combines the waffle flavor with other classic brunch foods.

In collaboration with Sugarlands Distilling Co., new Eggo Brunch in a Jar Appalachian Sippin’ Cream blends maple syrup, butter, a hint of bacon and Eggo waffles. It is made for complementing your favorite brunch foods or drinking anytime you have a hankering for breakfast flavor.

Eggo fans 21 and older can find it in select stores or order a jar online. Just be warned that it is 40% proof and has 20% alcohol by volume, so unlike the coffee creamer, you might want to save this one for weekend meals — or mix it into delicious cocktails.

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As it turns out, though, the new Eggo Waffles creamer is the second new Coffee mate creamer you’ll be able to find in stores early next year.

The brand’s new Pink Creamer is also hitting stores in January in celebration of the film “Mean Girls,” which turns 20 years old in 2024. Coffee mate says the creamer tastes like “cake filled with rainbows and smiles” and that it has a “sweet, rich pink frosting flavor.”

Coffee mate's 'Mean Girls' creamer on pink background
Coffee mate

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Of course, you can find dozens of other Coffee mate creamers in stores as well, including one that tastes like Rice Krispies Treats and holiday flavors like Peppermint Mocha and Gingerbread.

What’s your favorite coffee creamer?

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