‘Cold Brew’ Hair Is The Buzziest New Fall Hair Trend

Summer is not technically over yet, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t already dreaming of the days that bring a slight chill in the air. The summer hair trends were all about pastel colors and embracing the chance to go bold in a way that was as fun and bright as the summer season itself. Now that fall days are getting closer, you may be looking to darken your hair in preparation — especially since you can’t throw on your favorite sweater just yet.

Many people on Instagram have already begun to go darker with their locks, but it isn’t with just any old brown color. Instead, people are taking their hair color like they take their coffee and getting their strands dyed as perfectly brown as their cold brew.

The “cold brew hair” trend started to make its way to becoming a full-blown must-have when Brittany Leitner, senior lifestyle editor for Elite Daily, got her hair dyed to match her coffee order.

She posted about the final look to her personal Instagram account:


Since then, the trend gained popularity on Instagram, including when the popular behindthechair_com Instagram account shared this look:


The colorist @hairby_kimberlyy was nice enough to share a breakdown of how she created the look on her own Instagram account:


“This client [sic] natural level was about a 3. ( Before photo is attached at the end ) First thing I did was thick tease and weave Balayage pieces leaving about 2 inches of her natural color in between for dimension. Bleach was @schwarzkopfpro igora and 30 vol,” she explained. “I processed for about 25-30 min until reaching a level 6/7. Then I root shadowed with @wellaeducation 5N for 5 min. Then I glazed her whole head with Delyton in the color 5CP with a little 4CP. Delyton is a demi permeant color from the line Colorly. CP is a chili pepper chocolate which is both red and brown!”

Even if that doesn’t make sense to you, now you know exactly what to show your colorist when you go in to try and recreate the look.

The greatest thing about this hair color is how customizable it is. You can truly create a look that perfectly matches your coffee order: Add darker undertones if you prefer your cold brew black, go in with light highlights if you love a dash of milk or ask for caramel strands throughout if you like a dash of syrup in your cold brew. The possibilities are practically limitless!

Here are a few examples of how others are rocking the “cold brew hair” trend:

The @briiiannnax3 Instagram account is showing just how rich this coffee  hair color can appear:


@clockmist on Instagram demonstrated how the right color combo can give your cold brew hair a lighter look, just as a splash of almond milk will perfectly flavor your cold brew:


Those who take their coffee black will definitely appreciate the hair color @realericvaughn created:


You know how coffee looks once the milk is added but it’s yet to be stirred, with the darkness from the coffee and the light cream swirling around each other in your glass? Well, @medullacosquareone and @medullahairby.steph managed to capture that, in hair form:


So, who’s craving cold brew — the drink and the hair color — right about now?