Cold Stone Creamery now has Reese’s peanut butter ice cream cups

Cold Stone Creamery

Is there anything better than the combination of peanut butter and chocolate? You may not think so, but how about the combo of peanut butter, chocolate and ice cream?

Just in time for the sweet days of summer, Cold Stone Creamery is unveiling its latest creation, Reese’s Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cups, and the chilly new treat sounds unbelievably scrumptious.

This delicious new ice cream comes in a chocolate cup, just like a real Reese’s candy.

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Chocolate ice cream mixes with layers of Reese’s peanut butter sauce, along with some delicious pieces of the Reese’s peanut butter cups we all know and love.


The whole creation is topped with sea salt and a fudge ganache.

Cold Stone announced the creation on Instagram, and we’re already hooked.

What better way to celebrate I love REESE’S® Day than with our NEW REESE’S® Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cup?!” the company wrote. “REESE’S® Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cups are an indulgent treat made with a Chocolate Cup filled with layers of REESE’S® Peanut Butter Sauce and Chocolate Ice Cream topped with rich Fudge Ganache, Sea Salt and REESE’S® Peanut Butter Cup.”

Just how big are these ice cream cups?

As you can see from this image shared by Instagrammer @Chuck_Chows_Down (who uses a small Cold Stone sundae cup for size comparison), these Reese’s Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cups are much bigger than your average Reese’s cup:

But this isn’t where the Reese’s madness ends at Cold Stone.

You can even try Peanut Butter Playground, a Reese’s-Cold Stone mashup in the form of an ice cream cake.

Made with chocolate ice cream, Reese’s peanut butter cup chunks and whipped frosting, with a drizzle of Hershey’s syrup, this new Reese’s ice cream cake would be the perfect treat for summer parties or birthday celebrations.

Cold Stone Creamery

“Just because you can’t play on this cake doesn’t mean you can’t play IN this cake! Mixing so many delicious flavors, you’ll have a blast exploring every inch of this ‘funpark’!” the company describes of the new item on its website.

Cold Stone is also offering the new Classic Cookie Dough Creations in three flavors, including a signature Reese’s flavor, of course.


It comes with peanut butter cups and sugar crystals, and Cold Stone says it tastes just like eating peanut butter cookie dough straight out of the mixing bowl.


“Classic Cookie Dough Ice Cream is quintessentially Cold Stone,” says Cold Stone Creamery rep Sara Schmillen in a press release. “We take a favorite dessert, like raw cookie dough, and re-imagine it into a super-premium ice cream. Guests add scrumptious mix-ins and have a Signature Creation inspired by their favorite cookie. It’s like eating a spoonful of cookie dough right out of the mixing bowl!”

Small peanut butter cups on a rustic wooden table

Looks like summer 2019 is going to be all Reese’s, all the time.

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