Colored Christmas trees are this year’s hot holiday trend

Aside from time with family, amazing food and holiday movies and music, one of the best parts of the season is decking the halls with festive decorations. And, of course, that includes the main feature—a brilliantly-lit glistening Christmas tree.


But if that same ‘ol green tree isn’t giving you all the Christmas feels anymore, perhaps it’s time to step up your decorating game. Sure, you load it down with lights and ornaments, perhaps some tinsel, but if you’re really looking to spice it up a bit, why not add some color where it counts—right to the tree.

That’s right, some farms, like Wyckoff’s Tree Farm in New Jersey, are selling brightly-colored trees, ranging from blue to purple and even pink!

Known as “tree flocking,” it’s simpler than it may seem. No, dye isn’t added to the water to make the trees change color—they’re actually just sprayed with fireproof, latex-based paint.

The trend isn’t new for this year. Instagram pictures from other tree farms and happy customers posting photos from last Christmas as well, but it really seems to be catching on for this holiday season.

But while flocking real trees might be the new ‘in’ thing, it’s been done on artificial trees for years now. Many of those are frosted with white for a “White Christmas” tree or you can simply by colored trees, like this pink one from Home Depot.

Of course, just like everything that finds its way to popularity on the internet, there is also a way to flock your artificial tree yourself if you’re looking for the snow-covered look.

Balsam Hills offers recipes using soap shavings, shaving cream, desiccated coconut or, the easiest, white spray paint. As always, be sure to avoid fire hazards and don’t use paint if you plan on putting lights on your tree—unless of course it is sprayed by a professional.

If you’re really digging the color thing though, search for a tree farm near you to see if they offer flocking. If you can’t find one near you, but still want a real tree, you could come pretty close to your favorite color if you stick with that color lights and ornaments. The more of the color you add, the less green you’ll see!

What color Christmas tree color would you like in your home this holiday season?

[H/T: Elite Daily]

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