Colorful fields of flowers are in full bloom in Italy and the photos are stunning

Travel during the summer of 2020 hasn’t been what many of us expected or wanted. COVID-19 restrictions have kept many vacationers home and traveling to Europe is out for the time being thanks to a travel ban. However, thanks to social media and the internet, we can still enjoy many destinations virtually.

If you love nature and flowers, then one event worthy of popping online for right now is the annual “La Fioritura” in the Italian village of Castelluccio. This event is an annual “flowering” of the landscapes around this picturesque village and it is a sight to behold!

Every year, the hills and meadows surrounding Castelluccio transform from a lush green into a sea of rainbow hues. Reports from locals in the area this year claim the colors are more vibrant than ever, possibly due to the decline of tourist activity and pollution in the area.

Italy Flower Blooming Purple Flower

Although it is difficult to pinpoint the time of the flowers’ peak bloom, the colors are often visible from late May through July. The flowers paint the landscape as the village celebrates an official feast of the “fiorita” between the third and fourth Sunday of June. However, the flowers continue to add a cornucopia of color to the valley for weeks afterward.

The variety of colors come from a wide range of flowers growing in the area. Visitors will find daffodils, poppies, gentianellas, violets, buttercups, purple eugenias, clovers, shamrocks and much more.

Even though Americans cannot visit Castelluccio, Italy at this time, we can still see this amazing annual display of nature! Simply head over the village’s official website to see a full collection of images from the floral fields. If you use Google Chrome as your browser, it can translate Italian to English for easier reading.

But, we all know the pictures say more than the words — and these pictures offer just the beauty and peace we need!

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