Colorful kitchen appliances are the next big trend in home decor

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Maybe it started with the retro Smeg toasters, which have been adding micro pops of pastel pinks and blues to kitchen countertops. Or perhaps those bold-colored and arty KitchenAid mixers warmed us up for the latest kitchen trend. Whatever the case may be, colorful appliances on a much grander scale — think ovens, refrigerators and dishwashers — are mounting a design takeover in kitchens, replacing more traditional black and silver appliances.

“A kitchen is more than a destination for food prep, cooking and all things scrumptious,” Jennifer Alonso, Design Studio manager for luxury home builder Ashton Woods in Charleston tells us. “It’s a space dedicated to conversation, celebration and memory making.”

So, Alonso says, colorful appliances are a fun way to bring vibrance and personality into a kitchen.

Here’s what else designers say you should know before you spin the color wheel and embrace the latest kitchen appliance trend.

Ashton Woods

How To Ease Into The Trend

For the more risk-averse, stainless steel is tried and true, explains Rebekah Zaveloff, the co-founder of KitchenLab and Rebekah Zaveloff Interiors in Chicago. To pull in some color, though, you could opt for a colorful range. For more of a pop, add color on the hood, too, she suggests.

The key here is to exercise some restraint.

KitchenLab Interiors

“I’m sort of against the idea of a whole kitchen suite in the same color,” says Zaveloff.

(Anyone remember the avocado and harvest gold appliance packages popular in the 1970s?)

Also, keep in mind that the color will become a focal point — if not the focal point, says Pam Faulkner, an interior redesigner in Virginia.

For many kitchens, the stove may be the best choice for a splash of color because of its location and importance in the room, Faulkner says. For a contemporary or retro style, a colorful refrigerator can be fun, too, she says. But do you really want to draw attention to, say, the dishwasher?

Something else Faulkner suggests asking yourself before going color crazy with a remodel: “Will this trend outlast the life of the appliance?”

Trending Colors In Kitchen Appliances

When it comes to incorporating color into kitchen designs, homeowners are gravitating toward a vintage vibe, explains Jere Bowden, a certified kitchen designer with Auburn Design Associates, Inc. in Auburn, Alabama. Some colors she’s taken note of include robin’s egg blue, buttercup yellow and candy red.

While contemporary in design and efficiency, the retro-looking appliances can be versatile, she explains.

Elmira Stove Works

“In addition to being a great complement to mid-century modern style homes, they work equally well in a beach cottage or cabin—or any kitchen setting, for that matter, where you want to inject a sense of fun and personality,” Bowden says.

Curious about where to find colorful appliances? The Northstar line from Elmira Stove Works has a range of appliances available in classic retro and custom colors.

Would you consider adding a splash of color to your kitchen with a bold, new appliance?

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