Colorful ‘Unicorn’ Banana Bread Will Brighten Your Day

Deliciously Sprinkled

A colorful delight awaits! Can you think of a better start to your morning than sitting down to a slice of freshly baked, colorful banana bread that’s full of sprinkles? Neither. Can. We.

This recipe for unicorn banana bread from Deliciously Sprinkled is here to put the fun back into mornings! It doesn’t have to be a special occasion to whip this out, either, considering it’s pretty much a basic banana bread recipe that’s had sprinkles and more added to it  just to make sure it’s far from boring!

To bring this magical treat to life, you’ll start by creating the banana bread base using ingredients such as butter, eggs, mashed bananas, flour and baking powder. From there, you’ll mix in a little of what makes this so special. That’s right — you’ll pour 1/2 cup of sprinkles right into the batter!

The banana bread is then ready to go in the oven, and once it’s out and cooled down — it’s time to have even more fun.

This loaf of sprinkle-filled banana bread gets topped with vanilla icing and plenty more sprinkles! You’ll make the icing using butter, sugar and vanilla and drizzle it on top. Then, pour as many sprinkles as you see fit.

And you’ve got a sweet loaf of banana bread that’s just as special as a unicorn:

Deliciously Sprinkled

If you are interested in making this already incredible banana bread a little more extraordinary, you can try this version from Something Swanky, which incorporates actual cake mix, making it perfectly fitting for a birthday breakfast!

The super simple recipe calls for four ingredients: confetti cake mix (of course!), eggs, oil and mashed bananas.

Once it’s fresh out of the oven, you can top with frosting, sprinkles and birthday candles!

Something Swanky

Now — to really take this colorful breakfast creation to the next level, you’ll follow along with this recipe from Just A Taste, which dyes the banana bread batter before pouring it into a loaf pan and popping it in the oven.

By separating the banana bread batter into separate bowls and dying each one a different color using food coloring, you’ll yield a banana bread loaf that’s swirled with pretty colors.

This is sure to make an Easter brunch or even just an average Saturday morning so much better:

Just A Taste

The best part of all is that this food-coloring method can be added to any of the recipes mentioned. So, if you want your sprinkle-filled batter to also be colorful or your cake-like version to be even more festive — dying the batter is all you have to do to achieve the dream outcome!

So, who’s ready to up their breakfast game?

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