The latest trend in Manicures: Comb Nails

Nail art has been getting out of control lately. From nails that look exactly like teeth to fidget spinner nails to quartz nails, it seems like nothing is off limits when it comes to our digits.

And now we have … comb manicures. That’s right. Women are getting manicures that make their nails look like tiny combs.

So, if you ever need a comb on the go, you have 10 tiny ones right at the ends of your fingertips!

Not surprisingly, this latest trend comes to us from Nail Sunny, a Russia-based nail salon which is always on the cutting-edge of nail trends. (They were the artistic geniuses behind the molars manicure, and they also created the infamous Kylie Jenner nail art, in which Nail Sunny crafted a 3D image of Jenner’s birth announcement.)

Nail artists Arina and Eleonora Movsisian are aware that their nail art isn’t for everyone, but they love to push the envelope.

nail salon photo
Flickr | Tom Hilton

The pair was inspired by the American culture and style they witnessed after visiting Los Angeles, and when they came to Moscow, they wanted to create a nail salon that would showcase these interesting, fanciful trends.

And, yes, they really know how to push the envelope. Look at these “toilet paper” nails!

Whether or not the style is for you, it’s pretty amazing to consider the skill, artistry and precision behind these jaw-dropping manicures.

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They even created the perfect manicure for the World Cup!

If comb nails and toilet paper manis aren’t your thing, how about a toothbrush manicure?

At least you never have to worry about having food caught in your teeth while you’re out and about!

If you’re craving one of these crazy styles, here is some good news: Word has it that a Nail Sunny location is coming to Los Angeles.

So, you won’t have to find your passport if you’re eager to get in on these crazy new nail trends!