These Charming U.S. Communities Will Pay You to Move There

Every week it seems like there’s a new idyllic town in Europe luring new residents with impressive incentives. It’s easy to imagine wiling away the days with views of the Swiss Alps or wandering around medieval streets in Italy.

If living abroad would be too big of a change for your family, however, there are plenty of charming towns across America that are equally eager to attract newcomers.

Check out the cities, states and counties that have more jobs than workers and offer tempting incentives to become a resident.

1. New Haven, Connecticut

The town’s Re:New Haven initiative will give up to $10,000 to qualifying newcomers for closing costs or to use as a down payment on a new home. New Haven is also home to Yale University and is approximately two hours away from New York City by train.


2. Harmony, Minnesota

The city council in this small town in southern Minnesota authorized cash rebates of $5,000 to $12,000 for residents building new homes. Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis until program funds run out.

3. Alaska

Pick any town in The Last Frontier state, settle down for at least a year and you’ll be eligible to receive a portion of the statewide oil revenues. On average, each person who resides in Alaska for more than 190 days each year gets a check for $1,200.

4. Hamilton, Ohio

This city along the Great Miami River has a reinvigorated waterfront with loft apartments and plenty of jobs awaiting potential residents. Those who choose to relocate can claim $5,000 to help repay student loans. And perhaps most importantly, Hamilton boasts one of the donut shops on the Butler County Donut Trail!

5. Grant County, Indiana

This north-central area of Indiana has a $5,000 home-buying incentive, though you do need to stay for five years to keep the money. That new home could be within walking distance of the Gardens of Matter Park in Marion (pictured below). There’s also a $9,000 scholarship program in the works to help new residents repay student loans.

Friends of the Gardens

6. Marne, Iowa

This quaint town, located about halfway between Omaha and Des Moines, has free parcels of land up for grabs for people who transfer there. The lots average 80 feet by 120 feet. According to the city’s website, “We are friendly to businesses and looking for some new neighbors and friends.”

Travel Iowa

7. North Platte, Nebraska

Newcomers moving to North Platte for a job can receive up to $10,000 in hiring incentives. This community is located at the confluence of the North and South Platte rivers in central Nebraska near the historic Oregon Trail route.

8. Brattleboro, Manchester and Rutland, Vermont

While Vermont isn’t cutting checks to entice new residents, it is hosting networking weekends to show prospective residents what life is like around the charming New England state. Those interested can sign up for the lodging and networking package and look forward to a long weekend of sightseeing and meetings with employers, entrepreneurs and potential neighbors.


Are any of these incentives and communities appealing enough for you to pack up and give small-town life a go?

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