This community bought a car for a man who walked three miles to work every day

Every day, no matter the weather, 20-year-old Justin Korva walked to work. Did we mention he lives three miles from work, in Texas, and it’s summertime?

Recently, another person in his town of Rockwall learned about Korva’s daily trek, and decided to rally the town’s Good Samaritans in an effort to get Korva a car.

Fast Friends

One day, Andy Mitchell picked up Korva and gave him a ride to a fast food restaurant. He didn’t know Korva at the time, but neither of them will ever forget the encounter now. Mitchell wrote on his Facebook page that he was impressed with his new friend’s work ethic:

I picked this boy up this am and gave him a ride to work at taco casa. He told me he walks 3 miles to work and home everyday. To all the people that say they want to work but can’t find a job or don’t have a vehicle all I can say is you don’t want it bad enough!

Mitchell then decided he had to help Korva out.

A New Car

Mitchell decided to take up a collection to buy his neighbor a car so he could get to work on time, whatever the weather. His friend Samee Dowlatshahi let Mitchell put a donation box inside his restaurant, Samee’s Place, and they soon raised more than $5,500, they told CBS News. Then a local Toyota dealership cut Mitchell and his group a nice deal on a reliable car for Korva, even leaving them with money left over!

Mitchell updated his Facebook friends, saying, “I can’t say how thankful I am for the outpouring of donations for justin. Sammie and I purchased this car this morning along with a $500 gas card and with the remainder of the donations coming in we will buy him a full year of insurance.”

Dowlatshahi’s wife was on hand to capture the moment Korva learned what was happening.

“Everywhere I go, loads of people [ask], ‘How’s the new car?’ – it’s just a blessing,” Korva told TV station WFAA. “[It] just shows how beautiful people are, you know?”

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