Community helps Houston dad buy insulin for his 3 diabetic sons

Already struggling with medical bills for two sons with Type 1 diabetes, it was a huge blow when a Texas single father’s third son was recently diagnosed with the chronic condition. Craig Boncler wasn’t sure what to do, so he got to work.

Boncler owns a pizza restaurant near Houston, and it hasn’t been bringing in enough cash for him to pay all his family’s bills. Rather than ask for donations, Boncler decided to drum up some more business so he’d be able to earn the money he needed.

He told his Facebook friends about the situation, asking them to consider visiting his restaurant for pizza:

Like my employees, I take a paycheck through our accounting office. I’m currently sitting on 9 weeks worth of paychecks that I can’t cash. This has resulted in me being continuously behind on my mortgage and car loan. My mortgage is currently about a week away from going into default.
The single most serious issue is that I can’t even afford the copays to buy insulin for my kids right now, and I’m down to about a two week supply.

Boncler made it clear he wants to work hard to support his children, and hopes his Houston neighbors will take a chance and dine at his Sicily Pizza & Pasta restaurant:

If you live anywhere within driving distance, please consider having a meal at my restaurant. And tell your friends. Tell everybody. Have more than one meal. We have a huge menu to choose from, and it’s all good food, at a reasonable price.

I’m more than willing to earn the money to pay my bills, and I firmly stand behind my product.

And according to Facebook, his product(s) look pretty delicious. Take this pizza with jalapeno, spinach and (what looks to be) ham that one customer shared on Facebook:

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And this dish that appears to be fettuccine alfredo:

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Boncler was heartened when people from the community turned out in droves to eat dinner at his pizza shop. According to the Sicily Pizza & Pasta company, Boncler has had terrible luck, as the location of his restaurant is right in the middle of dreaded construction projects that never seem to end. But the roads didn’t deter supporters who wanted to give Boncler a chance to earn their business, especially after they learned more about his story on local TV station KHOU.

In fact, the restaurant is almost having the opposite problem now: too many customers! In fact, Boncler’s location is presently on the hunt for experienced pizza makers to help meet his demand.

If you don’t have patience for the wonderfully long lines, or you don’t live near Houston, you can help the Boncler family by donating to a new YouCaring page that Boncler confirmed is legitimate on his own Facebook page.

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