Bakers Are Rolling Out Rainbow Bagels In Honor Of Pride Month

The month of June happens to be “Pride Month,” a month of showing support to the LGBT community. June 12 also happens to mark the unfortunate one-year anniversary of the nightclub shooting in Orlando.

To commemorate pride month and the one year anniversary of the tragic shooting, which killed 49 innocent people, bagel companies are doing something extra special.

Two Brooklyn Water Bagel locations, for example, served up rainbow bagels this weekend—and 100 percent of the proceeds went to the Better Together Fund through the Central Florida Foundation in support of the LGBT community.

So, not only is a rainbow bagel festive and representative of LGBT pride, but it’s also delicious and for a good cause.

And, you might even be able to snag a rainbow bagel in your area while you’re at it, too.

According to Facebook, Providence Bagel in Rhode Island is bringing back rainbow options just in time for Pride Fest 2017. The proceeds from their rainbow bagel sales will go to Rhode Island Pride, an organization that promotes the rights of LGBT people.

Portland’s Spielman Coffee Roasters and Bagels are rolling out rainbow creations for the month of June, too—just to name a few.

A quick search will reveal if a bagel shop or bakery near you has any special offerings during the month of June, but if results don’t turn up, you can donate to a great organization and make a rainbow bagel for yourself following this recipe. Making these from scratch is kind of an intense process, but it’s totally worth it.

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