6 Companies That Will Send You Coupons Instantly

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Who doesn’t love a coupon? However, with print coupons becoming less common and accessible these days—or sometimes we just don’t want to look through all of them to find the one we need—where do we find them?

Do we go from website to website looking for some? Sure, but not all sites offer them and many other sites have a “Special Offers” section, but when you click on it, they’re all out.

Sometimes, you can track down companies’ addresses and send them a letter—yes, in the mail!—and have coupons sent to you. But, if you need to make brownies tonight and want to use a coupon, the mail’s not too efficient.

Other product websites insist you sign up for their newsletter first, chock full of special promotions and coupons.

And, of course, there are plenty of general coupon services you can sign up for. However, these methods are both easy ways to fill up your inbox—when all you wanted was one coupon for cereal.

The solution? We did the research for you and found the 6 companies below, all of whom offer coupons on their websites for everyday household items. So, within seconds, you can start saving money on some of your favorite products!

1. Kraft Products

I’m putting this one first, as you can find such a wide array of coupons on the Kraft website. As you probably know, Kraft is responsible for making a lot of products that we use daily.

I visited their coupon section and found discounts on everything from Zyrtek (save $4.00) to Scrubbing Bubbles (save $1.00).

2. Zicam

I was just sick—again, so was researching what medicines to take and came across a $2.50 coupon on Zicam’s website. In case you haven’t used Zicam before, they sell everything from dissolvable tablets to nasal sprays… and they work!

All you have to do is enter your email address, and you’ll get the coupon just seconds later.

3. Chobani Greek Yogurt

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Greek yogurt here at Simplemost. If you haven’t tried making your own yet and are going to buy some, my favorite brand is Chobani. And you can get a coupon for $1.00 off their new 100-calorie yogurt here. What a sweet deal!

4. Pillsbury Products

Like the Kraft site, the Pillsbury one is great for a variety of coupons. For instance, Chex Mix is my go-to writing snack, so I was happy to find a coupon for $.60 and another for $1.00 off Wheaties.

5. Angel Soft

Since toilet paper is such a staple in our households, we can probably use all the coupons we can get. On the Angel Soft website, you can get a coupon for $1.00 off when you click here.

6. Crest

We all need to brush our teeth. Luckily, Crest can help by offering a variety of coupons on their site, everything from toothpaste to White Strips. The coupons range from $.50 to $6.00, and you can check them out here.

Photo by ePublicist