This company has invented a nail-free horseshoe

An Austrian company has created a horseshoe that it says is more humane than the traditional kind that have been used for thousands of years. And they look a little more stylish too!

Metal horseshoes are applied to protect a horse’s hooves from wear and tear. They are typically attached to the hoof by nails that are driven into the hoof wall. The hoof wall is said to be insensitive and has been compared by horse experts to the end parts of a human fingernail, except larger and thicker.

horseshoe hoof photo

But a company called Megasus Horserunners has invented a new type of horseshoe made of plastic that is able to slip on and off of the hoof. The company says its flexible plastic horseshoes offer a wider range of motion for the horse’s hooves and they allow the horse to walk more easily on any terrain.

Plus, they come in a colorful design that kind of makes it look like the horse is wearing running shoes!

Megasus Horserunners

The resulting wearer is a horse that can move more freely and naturally, according to Megasus Horserunners. The shoes clip on and off easily with no need for nails, theoretically making it easier for both the horse and the owner.

The company was crowdfunded on Kickstarter, where it raised more than 169,000 euros (about $208,000), which topped its goal of 100,000 euros. The horseshoes are expected to sell for about $200 for a set of two.

People who backed the Megasus Horserunners Kickstarter campaign have been expressing concern that the product—which was initially set for delivery in December 2016—still hasn’t been shipped. In a recent update, the company set the new delivery date for March 28.

For now, the Megasus Horserunners plastic horseshoes, which are available in blue and orange, are only available as a pre-sale item at the company’s website.
Horse-lovers, what do you think of these new shoes? Would you give them a try for your horse?