These Hilarious Soaps From Whiskey River Make The Best Stocking Stuffers

Want to smell like WiFi? Whatever that means, we've got you covered.

It’s not even close to December—but hey, if pumpkin spice flavor is back already, why not bring on the Christmas shopping? We know. We should calm down. But the Whiskey River Soap Company has the best stocking stuffers for all of your friends and family members, and why wouldn’t you want to cross of every name on your list nice and early?

What’s the big deal? This company makes the most hilarious soaps. From their titles to their scent descriptions, they’re sure to have everyone on your list laughing. And because they’re bars of soap, they’re practical, too.

Whiskey River offers soaps for geeks, grammar police, lefties and so many other types of people, plus soaps to fit every mood.

There’s the “It’s Only Frickin’ Tuesday” Soap for, well, Tuesdays:

Whiskey River Soap Company

The Awkward Moments Soap is “sketchy ointment scented.” As far as what that means, your guess is as good as mine:

Whiskey River Soap Company

The company also offers candles and bath bombs. The scented goodness just doesn’t stop!

Whiskey River Soap Company

Bars of soap retail for $8.95-$9. 95. The candles are $19.95 and the bath bombs are just $8.95.

Whiskey River Soap Company

If you’re wary of buying a scented product that you can’t smell before buying, the company also offers the most honest journals. There’s one for “To Do Lists I’ll Never Do” and “Lightly Plagiarized Ideas.” So when it comes to finding a gift everyone will love—or at the very least find funny—this company’s got you covered.

Whiskey River Soap Company

And if you happen to be into scents that are unique but that won’t potentially hurt anyone’s feelings, you can also shop candles from the Homesick Candle Co. They offer scents to remind you of your home state, as well as scents to remind you of your favorite memories.

There’s everything from a Florida scented candle—which smells like citrus and bergamot—to a Grandma’s Kitchen candle that smells of rich butter mixed with cinnamon, clove, apple and a hint of sugar cookie.

Homesick Candle Co.

Just like you remember!

Get ready to shop stocking stuffers galore! These scents are sure to make great gifts when the holiday season does finally arrive.

[h/t: Bored Panda]