Wow! This Company Pays For Employees’ Weddings And Their Kids’ College

Some companies, especially in the digital space, are doing amazing things to attract and keep employees.  From extended paid maternity leave to free gourmet lunches, companies are thinking up creative ways to make a great work environment and lure talented people.

There’s now a new company making waves for introducing some pretty amazing perks. Boxed, an online Costco-like retailer, just announced that the company will pay for employee weddings (up to $20,000). This was in addition to last year’s announcement that the company would cover the costs for employees’ kids to attend college. Oh and on top of these two crazy perks, all employees get unlimited sick and vacation time.

What makes the announcement so great is that unlike some tech companies that provide great perks for already highly paid people in Silicon Valley, the majority of the 125 employees at Boxed are paid hourly and handle shipping and fulfillment. So these types of perks really are life-changing for their employees.

Boxed CEO Chieh Huang told The Huffington Post that “Free snacks get old, I just want to do the stuff that really matters.” He went on to add that real things like weddings and college are much more important than snacks and ping pong tables.

They are also hiring for a wide range of jobs right now.