This company can turn your handwritten recipes into keepsake tea towels


If you want to create a special keepsake out of the recipes that have been passed down in your family, generation after generation, one company is making it pretty easy. Spoonflower allows users to upload designs and get them printed onto fabric, wallpaper and more.

So, for instance, turning old recipe cards into fabric that can be used to create a tea towel only requires a few easy steps. Simply scan a recipe card, and upload it on the Spoonflower website.


Once you’ve uploaded the recipes you’d like to have turned into fabric, you can also choose the type of fabric.

Choose from classic “tea towel” fabrics, such as linen or cotton, and wait for your custom piece to arrive in the mail!

Spoonflower has a tutorial on its website that walks you through the process, from scanning your recipe in to sewing a hem on the fabric to create the finished product.

You can see the full tutorial in this video from the Spoonflower YouTube channel:

In the end, you’ll wind up with a beautiful towel that you can use or put on display in your kitchen, as you can see from the final product shown here on Spoonflower’s Instagram:

“One fat quarter of linen-cotton canvas printed with an old, hand-written family recipe makes the perfect gift that’s not only sentimental and quick to sew, but quite handy around the kitchen as well,” the company wrote in the Instagram caption.

It’s a great way to ensure your gift is one-of-a-kind. Plus, the next time you make grandma’s cookies, you’ll have the recipe on hand without rummaging through the ol’ recipe box!



These make great gifts for yourself or others in your family, especially if there’s a certain cherished recipe that everyone loves.

Spoonflower isn’t the only company that offers this kind of custom fabric-printing service, either. Companies such as Contrado will also allow you to upload designs for printing.

But if you opt to go for a DIY route that doesn’t involve any sewing, you can also use an ink jet printer, fabric transfer sheets and an iron to achieve a similar effect.

This video from the Hallmark YouTube channel demonstrates how you can take a plain tea towel and add a special recipe to it, right at home:

Creating these tea towels yourself makes for a great gift option for your mom or grandma — especially when pressed for time. However, if you’d rather let Spoonflower do the work, keep in mind it can take anywhere from eight to 13 days for them to print and ship your custom order, unless you choose a rush option.

These customized recipe tea towels are sure to be a great way to commemorate a recipe that’s practically become a family heirloom.

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