Complete This Checklist Before Going On Vacation

Finally, it’s time for a vacation and you can’t wait for the upcoming days of rest and respite, away from work and responsibilities.

But before you go, you still have the responsibility to take care of your house and yourself. There are a certain number of things that you absolutely are required to do before venturing out.

Completing this checklist will both improve the quality of your trip and ensure that you don’t immediately jump back to work once you get home.

1. Find Your IDs

You should absolutely not travel without any documents. Make sure your ID card is close and packed, or always keep it on your person. Also, if you are traveling abroad, make sure that your passport is up to date.

You do not want to be stopped at the border with an expired passport, right? And speaking of paper, get a reliable neighbor to get your mail while you are away.

passport photo
Photo by seantoyer

2. Make A Budget

You probably have some money saved up if you have decided to take a vacation, but you should still make a budget and plan out the trip as best you can.

There will be places that are more expensive than you have anticipated. You need to have a strict budget for you to adhere to. You shouldn’t spend so much that you go broke once the trip is over.

budget photo
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3. Pack Early

You should pack at least a day before the trip – do not leave this responsibility for just before you depart, because packing might take longer than anticipated. You should also make a list of necessary items even before the packing in case you forget something.

suitcase photo
Photo by LoJoLu Photography

4. Take Care Of Your Pets

Most hotels and vacation spots are not pet-friendly. Places like DogVacay and Rover can help connect you with local dog sitters in your area. Or, if the trip does allow you to take a pet, remember to pack tehir belongings for the trip. If you are flying or using a bus, think about a pet case and sedition for the duration of the trip.

pets photo
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5. Clean Your House Before You Go

Don’t moan, this is necessary, as you don’t want the first thing you see when you come home is a messy house. So get a mop and a cloth and spend a few minutes tidying up before you go. Get the home clean and sparkling before you depart so that the rest can continue even after you get back home and before work begins anew.

cleaning photo
Photo by Ryan Harvey

With the pets and mail taken care of, and the house clean and waiting for your return, you should be ready to depart on your journey without a care or stress in the world.