This Ear Piercing Trend Is About To Be Everywhere

Brian Keith Thompson is the the Beyonce of the piercing world. He’s impossibly cool, and when he suggests a trend, people shut up and listen. (Oh, and in case you’re curious he’s also pierced Bey herself.)

Owner of The World Famous Body Electric Tattoo in Los Angeles, Thompson knows what is best for our ears. And, this year, he says we all need to be rocking constellation piercings.

Say what?

Constellation piercings are an artful grouping of piercings, normally three or more, that are unique just like the star clusters they are named after.

But, what if I have small lobes? Or, an old oddly placed piercing? As Thompson told Refinery 29: Fear not!

“Everyone’s anatomy is so uniquely different; some people have large lobes, some people have barely any lobes at all, some people’s cartilage curves differently,” Thompson says. “This is cool because there’s no set of instructions — you just build it as you go.”

Rather than collecting multiple ear piercings in a line, as has traditionally been done, constellation piercings can be done in a zigzag fashion on your lobe and cartilage.

So, do we need to travel to LA for this hot trend?  Thompson says no, explaining there are great piercers all over the world. But he warns, “do some research: look on Pinterest and Instagram to find some stuff that you like, then find a piercer.”

These dainty earrings and subtly edgy mix of studs and hoops has us thinking this is one ear trend we can get behind. Big Dipper, anyone?

[h/t Refinery 29]