Construction Worker Hides Waldo For Kids In Nearby Hospital

What’s the only thing worse than being a hospital patient? (Unless you’re in the hospital to give birth, that’s a joyous occasion.) Being a hospital patient and a little kid at the same time!

Jason Haney (above) is a construction worker helping raise a big new expansion to the Memorial Children’s Hospital in South Bend, Indiana. As a way to help distract sick kids from their situation, he thought it would be a good idea to hide Waldo somewhere in the maze of girders, beams and concrete.

Rhonda Stewart/Facebook

Haney has also amused kids with a blow-up snowman and an inflatable Sponge Bob before creating a 4’x8′ plywood figure of Waldo. He and his daughter painted the character until he became… well, Waldo.

“He’s eight-feet tall and a pain in the butt to move around sometimes,” Haney told The Huffington Post. “He’s 50, 60 pounds and he’s awkward to carry. But it’s worth it for the kids.”

Heidi Prescott/Beacon Health System


Waldo debuted this past April. And once he hears they found Waldo… Big W is on the move once more.

Heidi Prescott/Beacon Health System



Where’s Waldo now? Oh, um… never mind.


Watch below to learn more about this sweet story:

h/t: HuffPo; additional photos from Where’s Waldo.. Memorial Children’s Hospital FB page.