These Cheesy Potato Foil Packs Are The Perfect Dish For When You’re Sitting Around The Campfire

Crunchy Creamy Sweet

Dinners with little to no clean-up involved are always appreciated, and considering this one involves no pots or pans and can be cooked in the oven, on the grill or over a campfire — it’s possibly the perfect go-to meal on a summer night.

This recipe for cheesy potato foil packs comes from Crunchy Creamy Sweet and will surely make your nights much more enjoyable. These potatoes can be cooked right up in tin foil and require little prep work. All you’ll have to do is dice the potatoes, throw the ingredients in some tin foil and cook ’em right up in whatever way works for you. These will reach the perfect consistency whether cooked over an open flame or using a grill or the oven.

You’ll need potatoes (Crunchy Creamy Sweet recommends one potato per person), butter, olive oil, sweet onion, cheese and your choice of seasonings. Salt, pepper and dried dill are highly recommended!

Combine the chopped potatoes, onions, butter, olive oil and seasonings on sheets of tin foil, then fold the sheets to make a pouch. Don’t fold too tightly so that there is room to create some steam. Cook using your desired method until potatoes are soft. Then, fold back the foil, top the potatoes with cheese and continue to cook (or broil if using the oven) until the cheese is nice and melted and golden brown.

Crunchy Creamy Sweet

In the end, you will have created the perfect side dish or meal — especially if you top this with bacon, chili, sour cream or whatever toppings you see fit and eat this loaded potato-style. You can see the full recipe at Crunchy Creamy Sweet.

You can also pair this with chicken, pork chops or a meat of choice to make this a full meal.

Thankfully, the campfire cooking doesn’t have to stop there. Once dinner’s done, there’s also a great recipe you can try for dessert. Again, this one can be cooked right up in some tin foil to keep the cleanup at a minimum!

The recipe for campfire apple crisps comes from Gimme Some Grilling and calls for apples, butter, spices such as brown sugar and cinnamon and quick oats as a topping.

Eat all on its own or top with ice cream. How absolutely yummy!:

Gimme Some Grilling

These recipes will make it easy to cook quality meals for your family — whether you’re camping or staying home — so you can spend more time enjoying the summer weather and less time in the kitchen!



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