12 Unique (And Amazing) Coffee Recipes

Don’t get me wrong— I love my morning cup of coffee just as much as the next girl, but there are other ways to infuse the caffeine-filled goodness into your diet.

From using coffee flavors to enhance frosting, to baking it right into the batter, there are some yummy way to have coffee that don’t involve drinking it. So, all you coffee lovers, you’re going to want to try these recipes out.

Try any of these 12 recipes to get all of that coffee flavor that you love so much because there’s more than one way to get your caffeine buzz.

1. Cappuccino French Toast

If you already thought you loved french toast— you’re about to love it even more. Forget what you knew about this breakfast item because it’s about to get a coffee and chocolate upgrade like you’d never believe. Get the recipe.

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Cafe Delites

2. Grilled Steak With Coffee Spice Rub

Cayenne pepper, cumin and coffee grounds make for one sweet and spice seasoning for steak. Now, you can even have coffee at dinnertime. Get the recipe.

Leite's Culinaria

3. Chocolate Macaroons With Coffee Buttercream

Chocolate and coffee are one delectable combination, so why not try them together in macaroon form? Get the recipe.

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The Catalyst: Cupcakes

4. Sugar & Coffee Bacon

Why not carmelize bacon with sugar and coffee. Coffee and bacon pair well together anyways, right? Get the recipe.

Recipes We Love

5. Blueberry Pancakes With Coffee Marscapone

Pancakes topped with coffee marscapone? That sounds like the perfect breakfast to me. Get the recipe.

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6. Coffee Donuts

Coffee flavored donuts with coffee flavored glaze on top. Annnd now I’m in a caffeine coma. Get the recipe.

Chelsea Kyle

7. Irish Cream & Coffee Cookies

Nothing goes together as well as coffee and Bailey’s Irish Cream whether they come together in a glass or in cookie form. Get the recipe.

Cooking Channel

8. Mocha Cupcakes

Chocolate cake mix and coffee grounds are a match made in heaven. Get the recipe.

Created By Diane

9. Coffee Panna Cotta

This coffee comes in a glass, but in a way that you’ve never had it before. Get the recipe.

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Passionate About Baking

10. Pumpkin Roll With Coffee Cream

Pumpkin spice lattes are delicious, and this pumpkin roll with coffee cream is basically that— in baked form. Get the recipe.

All Day I Dream About Food

11. Coffee Sugar Cookies

Why not add a little caffeine to a classic sugary dessert? Sounds like the best idea ever to me. Get the recipe.

Sweet As A Cookie

12. Chocolate Mocha Pancakes

This is bound to be one breakfast that will have you hyper for the rest of the day. sugar + caffeine for breakfast = the best day ever. Get the recipe.

Sara Tane

[h/t: Spoon University]