These adorable cookies look like vintage Pyrex dishes and other retro kitchenware

Move over, trendy cake creations! Cookies are ready to take your place on the dessert pedestal.

Specialty bakers are turning traditional cookies into works of art that almost look too good to eat. Forget about simply spreading some frosting on top of a sugar cookie or using cookie-cutters in ordinary shapes. These cookie-makers are reaching back into the past to create designs inspired by vintage kitchen patterns and gadgets!

If you are a lover of classic Pyrex designs, retro KitchenAid stand mixers and other amazing kitchen styles of the past, then you need to see some of the cutest cookie trends coming out of the oven!

Pyrex Dishes

People are going crazy for the designs from old-fashioned Pyrex dishes. These simple patterns and pleasing color palettes provide sweet inspiration for bakers like Emile Baltimore.

The teacher-turned-baker publishes a blog, Cookies for England, along with an Instagram account which shows off her stunning cookie versions of her favorite Pyrex dishes.

Take a look at this Instagram photo of her adorable tribute to the Blue Dianthus Pyrex dish, which Baltimore calls “the love of my life.”

We did a double-take when looking at this because of the detail used on the royal icing. Even the shade of blue is so precisely similar to the color on the real-life dish.

The Pyrex Starburst dish pattern is another classic design from the bakeware company’s collection. Baltimore baked up a batch of these beautiful cookie replicas, as well!

As an avid fan of vintage Pyrex dishes, Baltimore said making these cookies means she “can have as much Pyrex” as she wants. It certainly makes storage easier!

Instagrammer and baker Morgan G. whipped up a whole collection of retro cookie dishes for a friend who collects vintage Pyrex pieces.

Seeing all these colors and old-fashioned patterns is like traveling back in time.

KitchenAid Stand Mixers

Bakers adore KitchenAid stand mixers because they are both beautiful and reliable. When KitchenAid released its limited-edition “Misty Blue” artisan mixer, baker Donna Kroll couldn’t wait until Christmas to get her hands on one. She made her own mini version in cookie form!

Even the simplest kitchenware items can inspire some delicious baked creations. Mason jar cookies have their own hashtag on Instagram!

Grace Gaylord, a cookie artist, used the iconic Ball mason jar as the model for one of the cookies in a client’s birthday gift!

So, if you have a favorite kitchenware pattern or gadget, you just might be able to order up a dozen of them for your next event!

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