This nifty chart will help you with all the teaspoon, tablespoon and other cooking conversions you need

Nobody likes stopping all their cooking momentum to search measurements on Google, especially when they’re covered in flour. But unless you’ve memorized exactly how many tablespoons equal 1/4 cup—it’s often a necessary evil.

Well, now you can skip that kitchen nightmare! Thanks to the website tbsp. (, you can now look at a nifty chart instead of trying to whisk and ask Siri for help at the same time.

The chart starts by showing precisely how many teaspoons and tablespoons it takes to make 1/16 cup and incrementally increases all the way to making an entire cup—which would equal 16 tablespoons (in case you’re keeping track).

measuring cup photo
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It also provides the number of teaspoons needed to equal a tablespoon—for those moments when you just can’t find your tablespoon anywhere!

Take a look at all of the helpful conversions below:


This chart is easily accessible online, but it’s also a great tool to have on hand in your kitchen. Print it out and tape it to the inside of a cabinet, use it as a bookmark in your favorite cookbook—do whatever you have to do to ensure this chart is accessible when you need it most.

Thankfully, tbsp.’s helpful kitchen tools don’t stop there. It also has a chart that details ounce conversions. It’ll walk you through how to convert ounces to tablespoons or cups—for those moments when you only have one kind of measuring device handy.


You might want to print this one out while you’re at it!

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These charts are great for some recipes, but what if you’re cooking veggies and meat for a delicious main course and are unsure of how long they need to be cooked?

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This cheat sheet from Everest details how long to cook certain types of vegetables depending on whether you’re boiling or steaming them. It’ll also walk you through how long certain types of food will stay good in the freezer, how long you should be cooking certain types of meat and more.

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Cooking delicious meals at home can be tricky, but not if you’ve got the tools to help you succeed. Check out the handy cheat sheet below:


We’ve also got some tips and tricks for creating bakery-level sweet treats at home. From investing in a good stand mixer to using a candy thermometer to opting for pre-filled pastry bags, these tips will have you baking like a pro in no time.

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Once you’ve done your homework and gathered plenty of guides, cheat sheets and more—it’s time to put yourself to the test. Preheat that oven and let the baking begin!

decorating cupcake photo
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Or put your charts to good use and make some delicious brownies—four different ways.