How Cool Is This Harry Potter-Themed Makeup?

As a makeup addict and a Harry Potter fanatic, these Harry Potter themed make-up eye shadow palettes are a dream come true. If only they were real…

Reddit user, Spellsandstars, created the Harry Potter inspired palettes on Photoshop and posted the designs to the “r/MakeupAddiction” community on the social site. The mocked-up designs include four different palette options to represent each of the four houses at Hogwarts. Each eye shadow color in the palette is named after characteristics used to describe each house according to pottermore, the official fan website for all things Harry Potter.

From the quill-ended brushes to the pressed house symbol in the shadow, these pallets are picture-perfect. Whether you consider yourself team Gryffindor or team Slytherin, you will likely find yourself wanting all four collections.









And while these palates are just a fantasy right now, Muggles of the Reddit community took an immediate liking to the mockup. People are loving the idea so much that they have started to contribute their own Harry Potter-themed makeup ideas.

One of our favorite ideas comes from another Reddit user Kohimiruku, “It’d be cool if Gryffindor had a really strong fiery blush collection, Slytherin had a kick-a** contour kit… I imagine Ravenclaw is the kids with the slick sharp eyeliner, and Hufflepuff has cute lip stains and matching balms.” Why stop at the palettes when you could have a whole makeup line dedicated to the wizarding world?

And of course the the palette is sealed with the house crest to complete this inspiring look.


The best part is, Spellsandstars says she’s considering making them a reality, so keep your eyes peeled and your Galleons ready!

[h/t: Bustle]