Cool Off With An Electric Fan For Your Armpits

I know, this looks like one of those AS SEEN ON TV deals. But this one is from Japan, home to all sorts of weird, wonderful and quirky items you just won’t find anywhere else. (Dream trip: take me to the Ginza, please.)

Stay cool and avoid embarrassing armpit sweat stains with these brilliant little fans. The catch, in case you are seriously considering purchasing these (and you should!), is that they attach to your shirt sleeve, so a short-sleeve shirt is required.


Once clipped into place, the little fan looks somewhat discreet while it whirs away cooling your armpits. Speaking of “whirs,” I wonder what the noise level may be.

These tiny fans run on batteries and are charged via a USB connection. Three settings, too! (Low, Medium and High, we guess?)


Buy ’em here for about $35 USD.

h/t: Boing Boing