Cop And Little Girl Have A Tea Party To Commemorate The Day He Saved Her Life

Many little girls have tea parties all of the time, but this one shared between a cop and a 2-year-old was quite special.

Guests should always feel honored to attend a pretend tea party, but Officer Patrick Ray of the Rowlett Police Department in Texas was especially grateful to gain an invitation to such a special occasion.
Chelle Cates Photography/TODAY

Just one year before, Officer Ray rushed to the scene of a 911 call from a mother who had a non-responsive toddler. According to TODAY, the little girl was turning blue and unable to breathe. Thankfully, he was the first on the scene and was able to get her breathing again (using the finger sweep method). The Fire Department rushed her to the hospital immediately after that.
Chelle Cates Photography/TODAY

It was later learned that she had been choking on a penny. Bexley Norvell is one lucky girl to have had this officer respond so quickly. And her mom and everyone else knew it. So, of course, they had to plan something special to remember the day Bexley’s life was saved.

“I wanted to commemorate Bexley’s life,” Tammy Norvell, Bexley’s mother told TODAY. “I thought to myself, she wouldn’t be living this life if it weren’t for that man, so I need to celebrate this day because I almost didn’t get it.”
Chelle Cates Photography/TODAY

The Ray family and the Norvells have become quite close over the year. The families even spent Thanksgiving together, the publication reports. But, that didn’t make this day any less special for anyone involved.

“I wanted to make this a positive day for her,” Tammy told Inside Edition. “We talk about it pretty often. My daughter will always know that she was saved by officer P-Ray.”
Chelle Cates Photography/TODAY

So, as they sipped their tea and said “cheers” to the future, everything was just as it should have been.

[h/t: TODAY]