This copycat Domino’s cheesy stuffed bread recipe is so simple and tasty


When time is tight and the family is hungry, it’s easy to pick up your smartphone and order takeout. While nothing’s wrong with ordering out once in a while, wouldn’t it be great to have a quick meal that everyone will love and that’ll save you money? The cooks at AllRecipes have created a copycat recipe for Domino’s Cheesy Stuffed Bread that ticks all the boxes: delicious, easy and fast!

In fact, you can make this cheesy stuffed bread recipe in less time than it would take for Domino’s to deliver or for you to go pick it up. So, that’s a win-win in our book.


The biggest time saver in this recipe is the refrigerated French bread dough. All you need to do is grab the ready-made dough out of the fridge and you’re already halfway through making dinner or a hearty snack.

Some of the ingredients are kitchen staples (including butter, cornmeal and the spices you’ll need), which means no last-minute trips to the store to get your meal on the table. But you will want to make sure you have refrigerated French bread dough on hand, as well as shredded mozzarella, cheddar and Mexican cheese blend. You’ll also want to make sure you have your preferred dipping sauce, whether it’s ranch, marinara or garlic butter.

The cornmeal helps reduce the amount of stickiness in the dough and also gives it a little more texture. It’s that little crunch combined with the soft dough and the warm, gooey cheese that makes this bread irresistible. Many pizzerias use cornmeal to give their crust a little something special.


A blend of cheeses makes this cheesy stuffed bread different than a pizza. And, as with any recipe, you can change up the ingredients however you like. If you want to use different cheeses, go for it! Add pepperoni, sausage or veggies? Why not?

Visit AllRecipes to get the full recipe, including exact measurements and a step-by-step guide to having this delicious bread without a call for delivery or takeout.


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