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Copycat Panera Broccoli Cheese Soup Recipe

This is soooo good.

Nothing quite soothes the soul like a warm bowl of creamy broccoli cheese soup, and Panera makes one of the most beloved broc-cheeses in the country.

People just can’t get enough of the stuff!

And neither can we. But, you know, you can make yourself an amazing broccoli cheese soup at home! Yep, we know… you want it to taste just like Panera’s recipe! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out this amazing copycat recipe from 77 Easy Recipes.

The recipe calls for simple, basic ingredients that you probably already have on hand, such as flour, butter, onion, nutmeg and broccoli. This recipe calls for half-and-half, but if you want to try and lighten it up, by all means experiment with a lower-fat milk.

Now, you might notice that this recipe calls for chicken broth. This is similar to Panera’s recipe, which is actually not vegetarian (that could be surprising for some of you!). But, yes, Panera uses chicken broth in its recipe.

You can opt to do the same. It will add more flavor and it will help to thin out the consistency of the soup if you so desire. But, if you are vegetarian, you can use veggie broth or no broth at all. (Some reviewers suggest cream of celery soup could be a good swap.)

You might also notice that this recipe calls for fresh broccoli, but if you only have frozen (or if you are feeling extra lazy), just thaw those veggies quickly and toss them in the soup. They don’t need to perfectly al dente as they will continue to cook and get tender in the soup.

The same goes for frozen carrots. Don’t be afraid to take shortcuts in the kitchen, especially when it comes to making sure you eat healthy and cook natural foods at home.

Serve the soup in a bread bowl (you can find this at your local grocery store) or warm up a few rolls in the oven while the soup simmers. Then… gobble it up!