How to make copycat Starbucks s’mores bars

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Do you remember when Starbucks used to have s’mores bars? It was a limited-time treat, but many people fondly remember the yummy combo of chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows in bar form.

And who can blame them? S’mores are the perfect way to celebrate sunny weather. If you’re ready to start welcoming some summer fun into your life, try this copycat recipe for Starbucks s’mores bars from Jenn at Princess Pinky Girl. This simple recipe is super easy to prepare at home, and it only calls for a handful of ingredients, including graham crackers, mini marshmallows and Hershey chocolate bars, of course!

These s’mores bars bake in minutes, but you finish the pan under the broiler to give your marshmallows that beautiful toasted hue. Jenn advises not walking away from the oven even for a second while the pan is under the broiler because you could set your marshmallows on fire. Yikes! Definitely read her full recipe and her tips before you attempt this one.

Other bakers have turned this camping treat into a dessert that copies the Starbucks bar, too.


For her s’mores bars, Jennifer at The Kitchen Serf uses a combination of milk chocolate chips and bittersweet chocolate chips, as well as brown sugar and sweetened condensed milk. You can play with the graham cracker base, using your favorite flavor of graham crackers, such as cinnamon or chocolate or the traditional honey graham.

After baking and then resting the bars for an hour, she recommends that you chill the bars for at least 2 hours to help them set and make them easier to cut. After all, s’mores can be notoriously sticky, and the bars are no exception. Find her full recipe here.


For a more cake-like version of a s’mores bar, try this recipe from Daphne Brogdon of Food Network. She mixes flour and baking powder with her graham cracker crumbs, forming a dough that is then spread on the bottom of a baking pan. She tops the graham cracker mixture with chocolate chips and marshmallows, and you’ll bake until the dough is cooked through and the marshmallows are browned on top — no broiling needed.

Happy baking!

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