Copycat Taco Bell Mexican Pizza tastes just like the original

I’ll admit it. I totally indulge in a fast food guilty pleasure once in a while. One of my weaknesses? The Taco Bell Mexican Pizza. I just love how the crisp crust, the sauce and the cheese all come together with the spices to create something delicious.

In an effort to cut back on our takeout orders, however, I’ve tracked down copycat recipes so I can make some of my favorite dishes at home — including the Mexican Pizza. Now, I can make my own “fast food” meal, which allows me to control the ingredients going into the meal and also save money in my dining-out budget!

Thrifty Jinxy’s copycat Mexican Pizza recipe looks almost identical to the real thing. In fact, one of the key ingredients in this updated recipe is actual Taco Bell seasoning for the taco meat, along with the restaurant’s canned refried beans. Why mess with the original if you don’t have to, right? The end result looks like it was picked up fresh at the restaurant counter or drive-thru.

Thrifty Jinxy

But Thrifty Jinxy isn’t the only one who’s figured out the secret to homemade Mexican pizza. These little pizza pies from Domestic Superhero look gooey and cheesy and just plain delicious.

They look so good, in fact, that I nearly missed the fact that it’s a vegetarian dish! Yup. Who needs meat when this pizza looks so fabulous? The recipe creator highly recommends the Ole Xtreme Whole Wheat Wraps to make this dish even healthier. And I can personally testify that these low-cal tortillas are so good, you won’t believe they’re only 50 calories apiece. At less than 400 calories per pizza, you can still have your Mexican Pizza and keep your New Year’s resolution to eat healthier!

Domestic Superhero

What other unconventional pizzas are on your must-make list? We’re partial to this grilled chicken & bacon pizza — and who could say no to a pizza-shaped dessert?

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