Copycat Texas Roadhouse Butter Is Heavenly With Rolls

If you’ve ever eaten the butter and rolls served at Texas Roadhouse, then you know just how much of a treat it is for a table of hungry people. The bread basket is always a welcome sight when dining out — but when those warm rolls are also served with a sweet, honey-flavored butter, it’s a game-changer.

Thanks to this recipe from The Cozy Cook, you can re-create that incredible moment of digging in to flavored butter and rolls at your very own dinner table. The recipe describes how to make a copycat version of Texas Roadhouse butter that’s just as good as the real deal and can be made with just four ingredients.

The key to nailing this recipe is starting with high-quality butter. The blogger behind The Cozy Cook recommends going for Grade AA butter if available.

Once you’ve gotten yourself some high-quality butter, you’ll want to make the butter extremely soft, but not melted. Leave it out for at least an hour so it reaches room temperature and avoid using the microwave to soften. From there, mix the butter with powdered sugar, honey and cinnamon using an electric mixer.

At that point, you will have created a super sweet topping that’s ready to be served on top of rolls, bagels, pancakes — pretty much anything that gets a smear of butter.

The Cozy Cook

The butter will last in the refrigerator for a week, and if you cover it in wax paper followed by plastic wrap, you can even freeze it to make it last longer — but we doubt you’ll have enough left to freeze it. Your family will make it disappear before it gets to that!

If you really want to take your at-home dining experience to the next level, you can try your hand at making Texas Roadhouse-inspired rolls to pair with your homemade butter.

A recipe from Handle The Heat walks you through how to create yeast rolls from scratch to yield bread that’s buttery, flaky and golden-browned to perfection.

Handle The Heat

Combined with the cinnamon-honey butter, your family may be tricked into thinking you ordered in from Texas Roadhouse! But the restaurant doesn’t deserve the credit — this time, it’s all you!


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