This Sweet Dog Supported His Human Mom During Childbirth And The Photos Will Completely Melt Your Heart

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Brooke Ellington decided to have a home birth for her third child, just as she had done with her other children. On the day she gave birth at her Texas home, she was surrounded by her doula, her family and her beloved corgi, Ranger.

Kristin Waner, the photographer behind Kristin Ann Photo, was also on-site to capture this very special occasion. Her beautiful photos revealed how the family’s pet was present every step of the way, from the initial contractions to the water birth.

From coming up to give his human encouraging kisses to making sure he was nearby to watch over the baby, this pup demonstrated his duties of “best friend” to the best of his abilities.

The sweet shots were posted to the Kristin Ann Photo Facebook page. Here, you can see Ranger showing Ellington some love, as if to say “You got this!”:

Ranger stayed by Ellington’s side throughout the most difficult moments of childbirth:

When it was time for baby Berkeley Sue to arrive, Ranger had a front row seat to the action:

He could be seen looking at the baby — likely already taking on the role as its sworn protector — in nearly every image:

Ranger seemed mesmerized by the newest family member:

Ellington told BuzzFeed that she didn’t realize exactly how supportive her corgi had been until she looked back at the photos later.

“I remember him being there close with me as I labored, but didn’t realize he was by my side the entire time,” she said. “It brought me to tears looking at the photos after my birth, seeing just how impactful he was to the entire event. It was like he really knew I was hurting and wanted to make sure I was okay,”

He was a very good boy, indeed!

Ellington, who is also a doula, was happy with her decision to have her baby in the comfort of her home. She said she hopes these heartwarming photographs encourage other mothers to create the best birth plan for them.

“I hope my story encourages other moms to research their birthing options,” she told BuzzFeed. “Having your family, including your dog, can make you feel so loved and cared for during birth.”

Clearly this was the way to go for this mom, and it all worked out in the end, especially considering their baby girl already has a best friend. Ranger and Berkeley are already pretty inseparable!

Ellington will always remember how the family dog was by her side during childbirth, showing her support and love. For pet owners, it just doesn’t get sweeter than that!

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