Corgis in California race each other to win title of ‘top dog’

If you’re looking for your daily dose of cute, look no further than the first annual Corgi Nationals dog race at the Santa Anita racetrack in Arcadia, California. This first-ever event took place on May 27, and luckily for us, plenty of pictures of these adorable pups speeding around the track were captured.

With their short legs, corgis aren’t exactly known for their speed and agility. Still, no one can deny that these fluffy pooches put their best paws forward and looked oh-so-cute doing it! Check out this video from the event of the sweetest race you’ll ever see:

In order to get the dogs in racing shape, owners had to spend time training their pets to go the distance. Of course, rewarding them with treats can work as a great source of motivation.

“The best method has been hot dogs,” owner Nicole Yau told KABC. “I’m going to be on the end and he knows I have the hot dogs. We’re allowed to use treats.”

No word on his race time, but Benji the corgi took home the honors of the best costume for a costume contest that was also part of the fun day. Check out this amazing little hot air balloon:

In addition to the races and costume contest, the event also featured corgi-centric vendors, food and drink and carnival rides. The event was organized by SoCal Corgi Nation, a group of corgi enthusiasts that holds the SoCal Corgi Beach Day three times a year.

The first Corgi Nationals race was a smashing success. Racing spots sold out, and hopeful dogs and their owners also filled a waiting list. Additional people and corgis were welcome to attend as spectators. All in all, dogs and people alike seemed to have a fantastic time:

In the end, a corgi named Roi was the “top dog” of the day, and he is one cute champion:

Roi was awarded with a trophy, and hopefully he received a few extra treats and cuddles for his achievement as well.

Too cute! Here’s hoping the race becomes an annual tradition!

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