Corona Drink: How To Turn A Bottle Of Beer Into A Fruity Cocktail

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello may keep “Tequila Sunrise” stuck in your head, “Señorita.” But ooh la la la, there’s a new TikTok trend that puts a twist on that classic cocktail to create a Corona drink you can sip straight from the beer bottle.

The Corona Sunrise drink has been trending on TikTok lately — the #coronasunrise hashtag had gotten 50.5 million views by March 22. Some of the first videos showing the recipe seem to have popped up last summer, which makes sense since this Corona drink is a perfect warm-weather cocktail.


The fairly straightforward yet colorful beer cocktail (sometimes called a Mexican Sunrise) starts with a bottle of Corona.

You drink it down until the liquid is just below the neck of the bottle, leaving room for more liquid. Pour in tequila to taste. Next add a splash of orange juice, a splash of grenadine, and a squeeze of lime or a whole lime slice. Now you have a subtly layered red and orange hue in your Corona bottle.

To mix all the flavors evenly, turn the beer bottle upside down while holding your thumb over the opening so nothing spills out. Don’t shake it unless you’re prepared for fizzing. Then enjoy.

A bonus of this drink is that you won’t dirty another glass mixing this Corona cocktail, you just pour all the ingredients into the beer bottle. Plus the colors of the drink still look cool in the Corona bottle.

According to TikTokers, the combination is unique and not too beer-heavy. @kendogkenny shared a video of her making the Corona drink, admitting she doesn’t really like Corona. But upon first sip, her reaction was that the drink was 10 out of 10 because she “can’t even taste the beer.” (Note: she uses some profanity.)


Y’all need to try this now 🤤 #coronasunrise

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The Corona Sunrise isn’t the only Corona drink you might consider concocting. You’ve probably heard of a Coronarita, which puts an upside-down bottle of Corona into a margarita.

There’s also a Red Corona, which is similar to the Corona Sunrise. It uses vodka instead of tequila and skips the OJ but keeps the grenadine. Check out the Tipsy Bartender making it below.

The Michelada is a Mexican Bloody Mary in many ways, substituting Corona beer for hard alcohol. Some versions use tomato juice or Clamato and others fuse the savory elements of soy, Worchestershire sauce, and hot sauce with lime juice.

The El Ayudacal is a Corona drink that mixes agave nectar and lime with the Mexican beer.

And whiskey fans may like to try the Corona whiskey sour which has lemon and lime juice plus simple syrup with the beer and whiskey.

What do you think? Would you try this Corona Sunrise drink?