Corona Launches New Line of Fruity Spiked Malt Drinks Just In Time For Spring

When you think of Corona beer, you probably think of palm trees, straw-roofed cabanas and sparkling blue seas, right? Well, this spring and summer Corona is launching a new line of drinks that fits right into that beach-vacation vibe: Corona Refresca.

The canned malt beverage — the company calls it a “premium spiked refresher,” not beer — comes in three fruit flavors. Passionfruit Lime and Guava Lime come in their own six-packs and will sell for $9.99. Coconut Lime is only available in a 12-pack with the other two varieties, which will retail for $16.99.

Refresca is Corona’s entry into the popular flavored malt beverage category. Think White Claw Hard Seltzer, Bud Light Ritas or Not Your Father’s Root Beer — sparkling, pre-mixed alcoholic drinks that lean to the sweet side. Like the flood of flavored, sugar-free seltzers and sodas in recent years, these light-and-fizzy tipples seem to be everywhere.

A few Twitter users have already weighed in with their thoughts on Refresca. Martin Tavera Jr. described the Guava Lime as “easy to drink all day”:

Berta Elisa tweeted that those who haven’t tried this new drink are “missing out”:

Refresca was sent Corona’s test markets last summer. Just in time for spring break, the first wave of Refresca hits California, Texas, Florida, New Mexico, North Carolina and Arizona later this month. The rest of the country should see the drinks on shelves in May.