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‘Costanza’s’ Sports Bar Will Have A TV Dedicated To ‘Seinfeld’ Reruns

Who wants to go?!

If you’ve ever yearned for an endless “Summer of George,” a new sports bar in Sacramento, California, is calling. Costanza’s bar promises to have one of its TVs airing a constant stream of “Seinfeld,” day and night.

Outside of the constant loop of reruns, the bar’s tributes to “Seinfeld” are sly. A colorful spokesman for the bar (he calls himself Mo Dranks) told local show “Good Day Sacramento” that the watering hole is a tribute to his Italian heritage. “Costanza is a very common name,” he said. “To me, it means home and that’s what we’re trying to cultivate here.”

Instead of serving a bunch of “big salads,” calzones and chocolate babka (or cinnamon — the lesser babka), there are only a few menu items that nod to the classic comedy: The “Bloom’n Newman” (a take on Outback’s Bloomin’ Onion), “Frank’s Fries” (a heap of thrice-cooked fries with garlic and onions that shares its name with George’s dad) and “Larry’s Coleslaw,” which may or may not reference “Seinfeld” co-creator Larry David.

Oh, and at happy hour, guests can sample the “Babu Bread,” a flatbread appetizer named after the hapless Babu character who famously called Jerry “a bad man — a very, very bad man.”

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The owners of Costanza’s may be a little wary of going for a fully Costanzan ambience, as the character had rough luck with women, could barely stay awake at work and had to live with his overbearing parents for a season or two.

George’s, a pub outside of Melbourne, Australia, opened in 2015 loaded with references to poor George, from quotes on the front doors to “Seinfeld”-themed menu items. They’ve since dialed it back, opting for more subtle tributes to “the show about nothing.”

But really, isn’t it sometimes nice to simply sit back and embrace your inner Costanza? George said it best himself: “I’m disturbed, I’m depressed, I’m inadequate! I’ve got it all!”