You Can Now Buy Low-Carb Cheese Wraps At Costco

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No one has ever passed up the opportunity for more cheese, so now that a low-carb alternative to bread, tortillas and wraps exist — and they happen to be made out of cheese — everyone can rejoice!

Folios cheese wraps, by Lotito Foods, may become your new favorite way to prepare lunch wraps, tacos, burritos, salad bowls and anything else that requires a wrap. Essentially, Folios cheese wraps are thin slices of circle-shaped cheeses that can be used straight from the bag, or microwaved to achieve a firmer, crispier effect.

According to people who spotted these glorious cheese wraps in stores, they can be found on shelves at Costco. After finding them at the store, Instagram user @hhowlan noted that they only contain one gram of carbohydrates. Good news for all those trying to stick to a low-carb diet in 2019!

You can also find more regional retailers on the Lotito Foods website, while other nationwide options include Aldi and Amazon Fresh.

The website also has a full list of recipe options that will show you the ways of swapping tortillas for cheese and so much more. For example, the Lotito points out that a Folios cheese wrap makes a great accompaniment to tender broccoli as a side dish:

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Instagram is also a great place to find inspiration for using these cheese wraps in your kitchen. Those who have tried them out couldn’t help but post about their meals online — and they all look pretty amazing.

Instagram user @danocan16 used the cheese wraps to create a crispy outer later for fajita tacos that happen to be keto-friendly:

Sad desk lunches will be a thing of the past with these in your life! Instagram user @lowcarb_and_fitness is showing that these can make the perfect partner to veggies for a delicious-looking wrap:

And @ketokristin reveals that a few seconds in the microwave yields the perfect shape and texture for holding taco bowls, salads and more:

Oh, and don’t forget about breakfast! Instagram user @carzeek demonstrates just how perfectly this layer of cheese pairs with eggs, bacon and coffee in the mornings:

These cheese wraps come in three flavors: parmesan, cheddar and Jarlsberg, and according to the nutrition information posted online, they contain, at most, 180 calories per every 42 grams.

Of course, if bread alternatives is what you’re in the market for, cheese wraps — albeit tasty — aren’t your only option.

Cauliflower sandwich thins are also a great replacement for mini pizzas, sandwiches, tacos and more.

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You can find out where to find them through the store locator on the Outer Aisle Gourmet website.

Whether you’re using cheese, cauliflower, lettuce, or something else to make your sandwiches — here’s to making 2019 healthy and delicious!

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